Steam coal, Coking coal, Anthracite coal

Future Carbon Solutions (FCS) is among the leading coal suppliers in India of steam coal, coking coal and anthracite coal. FCS supplies US coal, South Africa coal, Chilean coal to cement, calciners, power, chemicals, steel industries. Our customers value our reliability and customised service for their fuel requirements.

Steam coal (Thermal coal)

FCS sources high quality steam coals of various origins and grades from leading coal miners across the world. 

US Coal   Learn more>

FCS is among the leading US coal suppliers in India. 

In Nov 2010, FCS supplied the first ever import of US steam coal to India , thus introducing it to Indian industries where it has achieved immense popularity. We source high GCV US steam coal from major coal mines in USA. 

South African coal  Learn more> 

Future Carbon Solutions (FCS) is among the trusted South African coal suppliers in India. 

FCS supplies various grades of South African coals from leading coal mines in South Africa. We supply RB1 coal and RB3 coal grades from Richards Bay terminal to Indian ports.  

Chilean Coal     Learn more>

Future Carbon Solutions supplies high quality steam coal from Chile.

Coking coal (Metallurgical coal) Learn more> 

FCS is among the trusted coking coal (metallurgical coal) suppliers to steel and ferro- alloy industries in India. We supply premium quality coking coal with low sulfur, low ash and low volatile matter.

Anthracite coal Learn more> 

FCS is among the trusted Anthracite coal suppliers to India for met coke, ferro alloy, steel industries from Ukraine and South Africa.


Indian ports:East Coast (Krishnapatnam, Vizag, Karaikal), West Coast (Kandla, Mormugao)

Cargo size: Cape size, Panamax 

Sales: FOB, CNF