Calcined Pet Coke (CPC)

Future Carbon Solutions is among the reliable Calcined Pet Coke (CPC) suppliers in India and China to aluminium and steel industries. 

Calcined Pet Coke is used to produce anodes for aluminium smelters. CPC is also used by steel, titanium dioxide, paint, dyes and chemical industries.


FCS sources high quality Calcined Pet Coke from reputed calciners across 3 continents. The level of Sulfur and metals are important elements influencing the quality of Calcined Pet Coke. Lower levels of sulfur and metals contribute to higher quality CPC.


FC: 98.5% min

Ash: 0.40 max
S: 1.50% - 3.50%
Fe: 300 ppm
Ni 250 max
V: 300 max
Si: 300 max
Na: 125 max
Ca: 200 max
Bulk Density BD: 0.83 min
Real Density RD: 2.02 to 2.08 g/cc