Coke Breeze

FCS is a coke breeze supplier to ferro alloy industries in India. We supply high quality, low ash coke breeze


Coke breeze, also called as coke fines, is low ash metallurgical coke of very small grain size (0 - 10 mm). During metallurgical coke production in coke oven batteries, the screening operation is where pieces and dust too small for steel making are removed. These fines are called coke breeze. It is used in refractories, sintering operations and cement industries.


FCS supplies high quality, low ash coke breeze from Colombia and Ukraine.


Typical cargo specifications:

Moisture (arb): 15%

Ash : 20% Max dry basis

Volatile Matter (arb): 3.0% max

Fixed carbon: 77% min

Size: -3mm (80% min.); +3mm (17% max.); +6mm (5% max)