Coking Coal

FCS is among the trusted coking coal suppliers in India. We supply low ash coking coal (metallurgical coal) to steel and ferrous alloys industries.


Coking coal (metallurgical coal or met coal) is used in the manufacture of steel, where carbon must have low volatile matter and low ash content. 

Coking coal is heated in the absence of oxygen to remove the volatile matter, producing metallurgical coke- a hard porous material. Metallurgical coke or met coke is used as a fuel and reducing agent in blast furnaces for the extraction of iron from the iron ore.


FCS is a trusted supplier of premium quality coking coal (metallurgical coal) of Colombian origin

Moisture (arb): ~8% 
Ash (adb): ~10%
Volatile Matter (arb): 27~28%
FSI : 7 
Maximum Fluidity : 1970 DDPM
Sulphur (arb): 0.75%~0.9% 
Size: 0- 50 mm